Have you seen our new billboard around town yet?

Have you seen this around town yet?

Our new billboard is up in the area welcoming the Barnes family to our community! Be on the lookout for them! 

Billboard locations are:
9711 Kingston Pike facing East in Knoxville
129 in Maryville just North of Lamar Alexander facing South

Join us in welcoming both of them and their family to UT and our wonderful area here in East Tennessee!

Be sure to tell us what you think of all of our billboards in rotation after you see them!



“Breaking Thru With Elaina” Featuring Maren Morris

“Breaking Thru With Elaina” Featuring Maren Morris

Elaina Smith is back with the second season of her award-winning podcast, Breaking Thru With Elaina, formerly titled Women Want to Hear Women. Elaina kicked off Season 2 with one of her favorite guests from Season 1 . . . the one and only Maren Morris. In addition to chatting with Maren about country radio,…


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