Stories From Home

East Tennessee is home to many unique customs, famous people and landmark events. It’s the stories we tell our children and grandchildren at family gatherings and around the water cooler at work. We learn about it in school, around the kitchen table and through local media. But most of all it’s what makes East Tennessee a special place in our hearts and “homehomehome” to us. It’s woven into our fabric from birth and is carried with us throughout our lives. One of East Tennessee’s most revered voices, Channing Smith, has created a new series that tells our story as only a master story-teller can do.

WIVK is proud to air “Stories from Home”.


“Women Want to Hear Women With Elaina” Featuring Cam

“Women Want to Hear Women With Elaina” Featuring Cam

I can’t believe we’ve come to the finale episode of Season 1. I’m so excited about what we’ve accomplished since launching this podcast in June—and that includes YOU listening, watching and reading this. We will definitely keep things going in 2019, but we have the perfect way to wrap things up in 2018. Our guest…


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