DUI Charges in Fatal Emory Rd Motorcycle Crash

A Knoxville man charged in a fatal motorcycle crash is accused of driving under the influence.

Investigators say 47-year-old Michael Robinson was impaired Sunday when he crossed into another lane and crashed into a motorcycle on Emory Road.

50-year Mark Moore and 49-year-old Kimberly Foster were killed. Robinson was already facing two counts of Vehicular Homicide. He’s now also facing a charge of DUI.

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Two people are dead and another is injured after a motorcycle crash Sunday afternoon. A man is facing charges.

Four vehicles were involved. THP says 47-year-old Micheal Robinson crossed into the other lane and hit a motorcycle on Emory Road. Two people on the bike, 50-year-old Mark Moore and 49-year-old Kimberly Foster, were killed.

Officials say Robinson kept driving and hit another vehicle, which caused that driver to hit a fourth vehicle.

Robinson is facing two charges of Vehicular Homicide and Possession of a Handgun While Under the Influence.


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