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Colleen’s 25 yr stint on the air at WIVK, and mulitple CMA nominations, has earned her the right to rule midday in Knoxville every weekday from 10-3. Colleen’s also WIVK’s Music Director, which makes her the perfect host for serving up lunchtime requests inside the Country Cafe each weekday.  Colleen is a veteran in the industry, having had syndicated radio shows airing on over 100 radio stations nationwide. Every Sunday morning, she inspires her listeners with encouraging words and musical messages on “Cross Country Songs of Faith.” Every Sunday night, Colleen treats her audience to a trip down memory lane as the host of Classic Country USA. Colleen not only entertains country fans, she is a country fan.


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“Women Want to Hear Women With Elaina” Featuring Cam

“Women Want to Hear Women With Elaina” Featuring Cam

I can’t believe we’ve come to the finale episode of Season 1. I’m so excited about what we’ve accomplished since launching this podcast in June—and that includes YOU listening, watching and reading this. We will definitely keep things going in 2019, but we have the perfect way to wrap things up in 2018. Our guest…


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