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WIVK & Ted Russell Ford Lincoln want to make our East Tennessee teachers’ wishes come true! Submit your Amazon wish list here or view the wish lists that you can help fulfill!


Teacher Wish Lists

Melissa Boyd – 3rd Grade Teacher at Mary Hughes School

Amazon Wish List:

Comments: I am moving from Kindergarten to 3rd Grade Math and any support would be greatly appreciated! I love listening to WIVK when I’m visiting Maryville!

Leslie Hurley – 4th Grade Teacher at Mary Hughes School

Amazon Wish List:

Comments: Looking for a few items to keep my students safe and learning. Thanks!

Rachel Whitley – 2nd Grade Teacher at West View Elementary School 

Amazon Wish List:

Comments: Anything truly helps! I am so appreciative of this chance!

Maria Bradley – 5th Grade Teacher at Dogwood Elementary School

Amazon Wish List:

Comments: Thank you so much for the opportunity and helping out educators in the area!

Leigh Thompson – 1st Grade Teacher at Spring City Elementary School

Amazon Wish List:

Comments: Purchasing needed supplies is a challenge every year, but this year is especially difficult. In an effort to keep our children safe sharing of materials is prohibited, so each student must have their own set in addition to extra space for storage. Additionally, schooling lost in the spring created learning deficits, and more materials are necessary to bridge the gaps. We must also be ever vigilant to ensure our classroom is a safe and sanitary space for students to work and learn. This is why I’ve created a teacher wish list on Amazon in hopes that gracious donors will be able to support our children so that they will be prepared for a happy and healthy school year.

Maranda Abel – 7th Grade Teacher at Vance Middle School

Amazon Wish List:

Comments: Any donations would be greatly appreciated!

Karlie Heckman – Kindergarten Teacher at Rock Springs Elementary School 

Amazon Wish List:

Comments: I am a first year teacher, and a recent graduate of The University of Tennessee, Knoxville. I am now heading to Nashville/Murfreesboro to begin my career teaching Kindergarten at Rock Springs Elementary. I couldn’t be more excited for this new adventure, and I am very eager to meet my first group of students! This school year is going to be a new adventure and learning experience for all teachers, students, and parents; but my goal is for my students to be affected by this new way of teaching and learning to the least extent possible.Ultimately, I want to provide my students with a classroom environment in which they can grow and develop in all areas – academically, socially, and emotionally.

Since beginning my journey to become a teacher, I have been slowly collecting books and materials to help achieve this kind of classroom environment. Now that the school year is nearing and I have finalized the grade level I will be teaching, I have discovered there are still some things that I will be needing to help achieve an environment and create learning experiences that are best for my students. I have carefully selected books and materials that will aid in making this year a success for my students; and if you wish to donate and help me make this year the best it can be for my students you can check out my Amazon wishlist for my classroom. Anything helps, but please don’t feel obligated! Positive thoughts, prayers, and vibes are also greatly appreciated as I start out on this journey!

Misty McClendon – 1st Grade Teacher at Spring City Elementary School 

Amazon Wish List:

Comments: Please help me keep my class safe with the items on my list. They’ve all been chosen with social distancing in mind. This year is going to be different but I’m still trying to make it as normal and as fun as I possibly can.

Ginger Teffeteller – 3rd Grade Teacher at Christenberry Elementary School

Amazon Wish List:

Comments: Wow! We couldn’t have made up the story of this year if we had tried! I love teaching with all of my heart. It is very difficult when you need so many things, especially in a low socioeconomic area. This year we are trying not to ask the students for too much, because we know their families have been impacted in such major and/or traumatic ways. I cannot wait to see my kids from last year and of course this new year. Anything that can be provided, donated, loaned, etc. will help us do our jobs so much better and hopefully it will bring our confidence back that we so desperately need after going through all of the turmoil, etc. This is certainly a bright spot in our day! Thank you soooooo much!

Lucy Fall – 3rd – 5th Grade Special Ed Teacher at Dogwood Elementary School

Amazon Wish List:

Comments: This is my first year as a special education teacher and I am SO blessed to be working at Dogwood Elementary! Thank you for supporting and blessing my class!

Amanda Walden – Preschool Teacher at White Oak School

Amazon Wish List:

Comments: Thank you!

Alyssa Mabe – 1st Grade Teacher at Gibbs Elementary School

Amazon Wish List:

Comments: As a second year teacher, I would be overwhelmed to have some of these items purchased to help me in this school year! I’m so excited to get back to school with my kids! This would be so helpful in helping us social distance and be safe! Thank you!

Brenna Schneider – Kindergarten Teacher at Karns Elementary School 

Amazon Wish List:

Comments: As students and families transition to a new school format, teachers are in the process of creating learning environments which foster education and growth for every child unlike anything our profession has yet experienced. That being said, switching up old routines to meet new protocols challenges even the most organized classroom.

Times are tough and budgets are stretched thin but anything helps to get our students back on track. From my short time teaching, I’ve seen students’ resiliency in trying times and I think we as adults can do the same. If by any means you can contribute to the newest generation of learners, please check out my Classroom Amazon Wishlist at the link above!

Katarina Steffen – 9th – 12th Grade Special Ed Teacher at Powell High School

Amazon Wish List:

Comments: I appreciate any and all donations for my classroom! I am a first year teacher and want to be able to provide my students with a classroom in which they have access to a wide variety of tools to meet individuals needs!

Shelley Bentley – 1st Grade Teacher at Midway Elementary School

Amazon Wish List:

Comments: Thanks for checking out my list! I appreciate it!

Christa Smith – 5th Grade Teacher at Dogwood Elementary School

Amazon Wish List:

Comments: The surf desks are are my greatest need. I will be getting rid of all furniture to be able to accommodate for social distancing.

Jill Shinlever –  9th – 12th Grade Teacher at Career Magnet Academy

Amazon Wish List:

Comments: Thank you so much for helping educators!

Darla Williams – 7th Grade Teacher at Powell Middle School

Amazon Wish List:

Comments: I am so grateful to some of my Facebook friends who have already stepped up and helped out tremendously! This is going to be a challenging year to say the least. This is a way for people to contribute by providing supplies for the students and teacher. Thank you WIVK for making this possible! Thank you to all who can help!

Lauren Clowers – 1st Grade Teacher at Pleasant Ridge Elementary School

Amazon Wish List:

Comments: Any and all donations are greatly appreciated. I am blessed to work with such great kids at my amazing school.

Teachers, we know you all are facing new challenges this school year and we want to do our best to help you out!  If you have a classroom wish list on Amazon, register below to have your wish list featured on WIVK and on our website! We will invite our WIVK family to pitch in and help purchase the items on your wish list!

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Join together with your families, friends and co-workers and adopt a teacher to complete their wish list!

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