XHunger Tour 2023

Are you a High School or College Student that needs service hours? Know someone who is? Join or start an XHunger club today and check out the list of events this season!


XHunger has a goal to end hunger in America by inspiring and building up a new generation for community involvement and servant leadership in our high school and college students.


XHunger partners with area food pantries, food banks and similar organizations to help provide their two greatest needs: volunteers and funding. We do this by providing volunteers to serve the pantries and organizations to help meet their goals in serving those with food insecurity issues. Area fundraising events are created to reach those who wish to volunteer and to bring awareness to our non-profit partners about their needs to help those with food insecurity needs.

College and high school students start or join an existing XHunger Club and execute the L.U.V.S. Program:

( L ) Locate a Food Pantry
Find a food pantry in your area for your Club.

( U ) Understand their Purpose
Visit your selected pantry & educate yourselves on what their goals are.

( V ) Volunteer
Participate in meaningful philanthropic activities in creative ways decided on
by your XHunger Club.

( S ) Support
Focus on giving time or fundraising activities. Track all of your volunteer hours
yourself in one place along with the service coordinator at the food pantry.

In turn, students are able to track their volunteer hours and use them towards required service hours for college and scholarship programs.

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XHunger Tour 2023

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