Views and Notes From Tennessee Football Spring Practice 2

Vols DLs / Credit: WNML Staff

By Vince Ferrara / @VinceSports

Below are my observations from the University of Tennessee’s 2nd spring practice of 2019 at Haslam Field in Knoxville on Saturday.

Vince’s View – Practice 2

*This was the last day of practice before the pads come on in practice 3

*QBs were high a lot in the throws that I saw

*R-Sr WR Jauan Jennings had a sweet grab on a high throw (see above) in the middle of the field where the ball may have been past his shoulders behind him but he reeled it in and cut up field

*I like what I’m seeing from the wide receivers overall. They look stronger, more physical and focused.

*Fr LB Quavaris Crouch isn’t as tall as I pictured him to be, but he is stout, appears to be doing the drills like an older player and is working with the inside LBs right now

*I think, overall, the players are better at their drills, they know where to be, what’s expected of them and it shows in the tempo and the way they practice compared to a year ago

*I don’t see or hear the loud correcting and frustration by coaches as frequently so far this year that was obvious last season

*One of the loudest voices you hear on the practice field is OC Jim Chaney, which surprising for those of us that have experienced him coaching at UT before. His volume isn’t necessarily because he’s always mad but because he’s constantly roaming, watching and coaching every single position of offense. The personality, style and coaching execution of moving to all positions is a much different dynamic from Tyson Helton last season to Jim Chaney now.

*We did get to see some one-on-one drills between the DBs and the WRs with Jeremy Pruitt standing over each of them coaching and motivating

*So CB Alontae Taylor looks stronger and is practicing with an edge

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