Carrie Underwood Celebrates Her 100th Appearance on the “Grand Ole Opry”

Carrie Underwood Celebrates Her 100th Appearance on the “Grand Ole Opry”

The Grand Ole Opry has played a prominent role in Carrie Underwood’s life for many years.

As a child growing up in Oklahoma, Carrie watched the Grand Ole Opry on television at her grandparents’ house. In 2005, Carrie made her Opry debut two weeks after winning American Idol. Less than three years later in 2008, Carrie was inducted into the esteemed organization by Garth Brooks.

Over the weekend, Carrie celebrate another Opry milestone by performing on the hallowed circle for the 100th time during the first of four sold-out shows.

Opry member Connie Smith introduced Carrie on Saturday’s first show and presented her with a commemorative print and a rose bouquet in celebration of 100 Opry appearances.

“Opry fans, all of us Opry members and the entire Opry family are excited when you come home to the Opry stage,” said Connie. “Even when you’ve been on the road more than 200 days a year, you’ve always come back to the Opry. That tells me you love us, and we love you right back.”

“I grew up dreaming of one day performing here and maybe even becoming a member,” said Carrie. “That dream comes true over and over each time I take the Opry stage. Here’s to the next 100.”

Photos courtesy Chris Hollo/Grand Ole Opry

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