Meghan Linsey Issues Statement After Kneeling During National Anthem Performance

Meghan Linsey Issues Statement After Kneeling During National Anthem Performance

Meghan Linsey performed the national anthem before the Tennessee Titans and Seattle Seahawks took the field in Nashville yesterday (Sept. 24). As Meghan hit the anthem’s final note, she chose to kneel down. Both the Titans and Seahawks remained in their locker rooms while the anthem was performed.

You can watch Meghan’s performance below.

Today (Sept. 25), Lindsey released a statement regarding her decision to kneel, which you can read in its entirely below.

I want to say, I love my country and I have so much respect for those who died for our right to stand, kneel, or be absent during the anthem yesterday. The heart of our country is our Constitution, and we are all walking, talking, breathing symbols of that Constitution.

Yesterday upon finishing the anthem, I kneeled in solidarity with the players and for those who experience racism and police brutality on a daily basis. I love the American Flag, but a symbol is nothing without the people it represents, so yesterday, I kneeled for those who are mistreated, beaten down and disregarded.

It was never a choice for me as to whether or not I would show support for many of my fans and friends who have a heightened level of anxiety and fear because of the hateful, polarizing rhetoric from the President perpetuating a dangerous climate.

I can never be anything but me, the way God made me, and what I do is not just my art, it’s my calling. I will never normalize hate, whether that angers people or not. I knew there would be some backlash from people who don’t understand, but there has also been such an overwhelming amount of support from those who applauded and knelt with me, and I’m so grateful for that.

I pray that change is sparked and that our great country can find unity despite our differences.

Love and Light


photo by Jason Simanek

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