Jason Aldean Hoping to Keep His Kids Entertained on Halloween With a Scavenger Hunt

Jason Aldean Hoping to Keep His Kids Entertained on Halloween With a Scavenger Hunt

With four children ranging in age from 1 to 17, Jason Aldean has his hands full at home. Add a pandemic to the mix, and Jason and wife Brittany are trying—like the rest of the country—to keep things in their household as normal as possible under anything-but-normal circumstances. For Jason, that means celebrating holidays like Halloween with his family, but staying as safe as possible.

As Jason told Kix Brooks of American Country Countdown, he’s planning to give his kids—Keeley, 17, Kendyl, 13, Memphis, 2, and Navy, 1—the best Halloween possible under the circumstances.

“You know, I really just kind of hate it for all these kids,” says Jason to Kix. “Whether it’s kids that can’t go trick-or-treating for Halloween or whether, you know, my oldest daughter is a senior in high school this year, so her senior year is weird, and it’s just a weird time for everybody. This whole thing is just kind of bizarre, and I think, you know, we’re just ready for some normalcy. So for us, I mean, our goal is even when things aren’t normal, like they are now, we try to at least make it as normal as possible. If that means all of us getting dressed up for Halloween and doing a scavenger hunt for the kids to go find candy—I don’t know what it’s gonna be at this point—but we’ll do something to make it fun for them until we can get past all this stuff.”

Family scavenger hunts, watching movies, playing games, making crafts and more are safe and fun ways to celebrated Halloween in 2020.

photo by Arroyo/O\’Connor, AFF-USA.com

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