Ashley McBryde Has New Thanksgiving Standards

Ashley McBryde Has New Thanksgiving Standards

Everyone is adapting their holiday plans this year, including Ashley McBryde. To keep her family safe, she and her siblings have laid out a holiday schedule for visiting their parents “Normally I would be at home, for every holiday, but my parents are no spring chickens…so, I’m trying to make sure that everybody is as safe as possible. So, my family and I, we’re gonna do holidays in shifts! We’ll be tested, and then I’ll get to go be with mom and pop, and then my brother or my sister can come a day or so later as long as everybody is making sure we’re keeping mom and dad safe”

Now, when she does get home, what will be her favorite Thanksgiving menu item? Ashley states “Mashed potatoes, mashed potatoes, mashed potatoes…with gravy? Even better! But, mashed potatoes.” We think she likes mashed potatoes.

Here’s hoping your holidays are nothing like the story line in Ashley’s latest song “Martha Divine”…

photo credit: Daniel Meigs

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