Check Out The Evolution of Lady A’s Latest Hit “Champagne Night”

Check Out The Evolution of Lady A’s Latest Hit “Champagne Night”

Lady A has been cranking out hit after hit for more than a decade now, but at the heart of the trio’s success is songwriting. Charles Kelley, Hillary Scott and Dave Haywood all proudly wear the title of songwriter before anything else. That’s why they’re so happy about their latest hit “Champagne Night”, which is result of their appearance on the NBC show Songland earlier this year. Originally titled “I’ll Drink To That” and presented to the group by Madeline Merlo, Charles Kelley immediately declared “this might be a hit, seriously.” Now with contributions from Madeline, Tina Parol, David Thomson, Patricia Conroy, Shane McAnally, and Lady A, “I’ll Drink To That” became “Champagne Night”.

Hillary gushes about the new version of the song, “What I love so much about ‘Champagne Night’ is just how the song makes me feel.  It’s just so happy and fun and makes me just want to have a great time with people I love.” She also loves the fact that the group can help out a young songwriter, “I love the story of this song, I love that Madeline Merlo got this big, huge chance to come on Songland and work with Shane McAnally.”

Hillary says that “Champagne Night” really took off once the fans heard it, “We’re all celebrating the fact that this song got such a great response by the fans.” In the end though, Hillary shares “I couldn’t be more excited for Madeline as an up and coming songwriter, and I just know that this is the first of many for her.”

Check out the evolution of “Champagne Night” right here…

Photo Credit: Dove Shore

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