Trisha Yearwood Is COVID Negative and Sharing Her New Cookbook Cover

Trisha Yearwood Is COVID Negative and Sharing Her New Cookbook Cover

This week, Trisha Yearwood gave fans a health update, and also shared the cover to her new cookbook, Trisha’s Kitchen – Easy Comfort Food for Friends and Family.

Trisha first announced, “I got the official news that I am COVID negative. Thank you all for your love, support messages and sweet tweets!”

She added, “My incredible husband (Garth Brooks) is literally Superman and never got COVID – but still took all the precautions to keep everyone we know and love safe!”

Trisha commented that “Don’t they say good news comes in 3s??!!”

It was then that she shared news about her upcoming cookbook, “Today I can finally share with you the cover of my new cookbook Trisha’s Kitchen. Garth said, good news begets good news, let’s share it with the world today and spread the love! Let me know what you think of the cover. You can get your copy September 28!”

Trisha’s fans know that she can cook up a comforting, delicious meal that will feed a family! Like her earlier bestsellers, Trisha’s Kitchen will include new family favorites and easy-to-make comfort foods, with stories about her family and what’s really important in life.

The 125 recipes include dishes her beloved mother used to make, plus new recipes like Pasta Pizza Snack Mix and Garth’s Teriyaki Bowl. Every recipe tells a story, whether it’s her grandma’s Million Dollar Cupcakes, or her Camo Cake that she made for her nephew’s birthday.

Trisha says: “I love to cook now more than I ever have, because for me, cooking is about love. It’s sharing a meal with family and friends and talking about our lives. It’s working out thoughts in my head about what I need to conquer or accomplish while I’m working on a homemade pastry crust. Sometimes the feel of cold butter in my hands working through the flour just makes me see things more clearly.”

Fans can preorder Trisha’s Kitchen right here

Fans can also check out Trisha’s version of “Shallow” with her husband Garth Brooks.

Photo Credit: Russ Harrington

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