Eric Church’s Album, &, Is Available Now to His Church Choir

Eric Church’s Album, &, Is Available Now to His Church Choir

The second of Eric Church‘s 3 album project Heart & Soul to be released in 8 days is out now — but only to his fan club, the Church Choir.

&, is the middle album containing 6 tracks…“Through My Ray-Bans,” “Doing Life With Me,” “Do Side,” “Kiss Her Goodbye,” “Mad Man,” and “Lone Wolf.”

Eric didn’t plan on releasing 3 separate albums as a part of his Heart & Soul project — he evens admits, that if it wasn’t him doing it, he’d be skeptical about it, “I’m a cynic. I’m a music guy. If you tell me you made three albums, I say well you made one decent one. Just me. That’s not what this is. These are three different feels. These are three different things. They sound the same because they were made in the same moment, but they group up different. And yes, we could have done just Heart and Soul and there would have been six songs that didn’t make it anywhere. But I don’t think that’s right. I think that if you listen to them, they have their own thing. They belong in their own spot. And that’s what ended up at least conceptually with what Heart & Soul is.”

Soul — the final piece to this project arrives this Friday, April 23rd.

Check out the in studio performance of “Through My Ray-Bans” — one of the tracks on Eric Church’s new album titled &.

Photo Credit: Anthony D’Angio

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