Jimmy’s blog: Heupel unsure of NCAA probe’s timetable

By Jimmy Hyams

HOOVER, Ala. — The Michael Glazier law firm began its internal investigation of Tennessee’s recruiting violations nine months ago.

Two months in, a head coach was fired, 10 support staff were relieved and an athletic director was replaced.

With all that collateral damage, you would think the internal probe would be nearing an end.

Not necessarily.

The law firm’s tab has exceeded $700,000.

The Vol Nation’s anxiety has exceeded patience.

No one seems to know how far along the investigation is, when it might end, when the law firm will submit its report to the NCAA and when the NCAA will act – provided there is an NCAA in the next few months.

Not even Tennessee coach Josh Heupel has a clue.

Asked if he knows a timetable for the probe to conclude, Heupel told the Sports Animal at the SEC Football Mefdia Days: “I don’t. I’m not involved in those conversations right now.’’

But don’t you want to know?

“I get some feedback,’’ he said. “You know, I don’t think we’re at a landing spot right now, you know what I mean, where there’s certainty about moving forward on a certain day.’’

The only thing certain about the NCAA timetable is uncertainty.

SEC Commissioner Greg Sankey addressed the lengthy delays of cases, some that took five years and longer to adjudicate.

“Those accused of violations deserve a fair and timely outcome, especially for high-profile cases,’’ Sankey said.

In Tennessee’s case, it spears the law firm is dragging its feet in an effort to run up its legal bill.

If you had enough information in two months to clean house of a football staff, why haven’t you completed your investigation six moths later?

NCAA officials were present via zoom to observe the interviews of those involved.

Seems to me that the Glazier team should have finished this probe by now, submitted the report and allowed the NCAA to act on whether to accept the internal findings.

Then, UT could self-impose penalties that the NCAA would accept or reject or amend.

Instead, Glazier seems to be working at a glacier’s pace.

And that isn’t doing Tennessee any favors.

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