Tenille Arts Drops Her New Song with Matt Stell, and Big News About an October Surprise!

Tenille Arts Drops Her New Song with Matt Stell, and Big News About an October Surprise!

Earlier this week Tenille Arts teased on social media that “There’s a lot happening this week” – and she wasn’t kidding.

Perhaps fans first thought she was referencing that the music video for “Back Then, Right Now” was recently released, or that the song is starting to move up the country music chart, or that she had more shows coming up with Lady A on their What A Song Can Do tour.

Or maybe it was the release of her new song with Matt Stell, “Over You Is You.”

Well, it turns out that it was all of that – and more!

Tenille shared with fans, “It’s official…my third album is coming!!!”

Tenille dished on some of the album’s details, “Girl to Girl will be here on October 22nd. These 13 songs were written as letters to my current and younger self… and now they’ll be for you too.”

Along with her current single, Tenille’s song with Matt Stell is one of the new tracks fans can look forward to…

With all the things happening in her career right now, Tenille says that making the sacrifice of being so far way from her hometown in Canada, and her family and friends to try and achieve her Music City dream is all worth it, “These were the things that we were hoping would happen and I am very well aware that it doesn’t happen for everybody. So, driving into town you know you just hope that you’re one of those people that gets to that point and spending all this time away from my parents, and my grandparents, and my family, my friends it’s like if this stuff wasn’t happening right now I know that I would probably be questioning should I be here…should I be away from my family and all these people”

As Tenille’s career flourishes, her family and friends back in Canada send all the love and support they can, and while Tenille wishes the hugs were real instead of virtual, she loves knowing that she has people that will love and support her each and every step of the way…no matter what happens., “They’re just all so excited and so happy and just thinking that all the stuff is so worth it you know all of this being away from each other…it’s worth it. So when they text me and they’re so excited and they’re celebrating it’s just…it feels like a big warm hug…I know I can’t hug them in person right now but it’s just like, it feels like all of his stuff is worth it and they’re so proud and so excited.”

Everyone is sure now to be really excited with the Girl To Girl album announcement — from her upcoming third project, this is the music video for Tenille Arts’ “Back Then, Right Now.”

Photo Courtesy of Tenille Arts

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