Lee Brice Getting Back His Bus and Stage Legs

credit Spidey Smith

Lee Brice Getting Back His Bus and Stage Legs

Lee Brice has been out performing some shows for the past few months, singing tracks from his latest album Hey World, including his number-one hit “One Of Them Girls”

Lee admits that it took a bit to get back into the routine of being on the road…especially when he traded his home bed for a bunk on the tour bus, “There are definitely some downsides to getting back out on the road…number one, I had to kind of learn how to sleep on a moving loud bus again, which, you know it’s different cuz you got used to sleeping in the still bed”

After not being on stage for almost a year, Lee jokes that he even worried about not remembering all the lyrics he needs to, “Another thing is that even when I get on, I’m about to go on stage I’m thinking ‘Okay I got all these songs that I’ve sang a million times and I’m like wait a minute…what’s the second verse?’ And you’re almost afraid you’re going to get up there and maybe forget lyrics to something that you’ve sang a million times.”

But luckily Lee slipped back into the old routine, and had fun doing it, “You know, getting your bus legs back under you, and your stage legs back under you, you know the band and everybody just kind of getting back in the sync…but it’s fun to kind of go through that process.”

This weekend Lee Brice is out in Indiana for a couple of shows singing his Top-5 (and climbing) hit “Memory I Don’t Mess With” for fans.

Photo Credit: Spidey Smith

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