Matt Stell Looks to Catch a Big One on Let’s Take It Outside

Matt Stell Looks to Catch a Big One on Let’s Take It Outside

Earlier this year between tour stops in Florida, Matt Stell took a break from his shows – traded his guitar for a rod and reel and headed out in the Gulf of Mexico. Matt was a guest on Let’s Take It Outside with Misty Wells on WFN – World Fishing Network.

After getting some quick pointers on the best way to reel in the big ones, Matt and Misty were off to the Middle Grounds (about 90 miles off-shore) for some fishing action.

Matt discovered that it wasn’t going to take long for things to heat up as he started catching their targets pretty quickly. As he was reeling his first big one in Misty asked how he was doing, and Matt compared it to working out at the gym right before he boated his first Red Grouper of the day.

Matt’s success at catching more and bigger fish during the day led Misty to joke “that she was really excited to be on the Matt Stell fishing show.” Matt’s luck continued with a huge Red Snapper.

During the fishing trip, Misty asked Matt some questions – like “what’s it like being a country star?” Matt’s reply, “Well, the fishing trips are pretty great.”

The episode of Let’s Take It Outside with Misty Wells, with guest Matt Stell, will air again on December 1st on World Fishing Network – or you can watch it right here…

Of course when he’s not fishing for big strikes, Matt’s back in the world of music playing his big hits, like his latest single at country radio, “That Ain’t Me No More.”

Photo Credit: Matthew Berinato

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