Casi Joy Celebrates Christmas With “Winter Wonderland” and a Big Bowl of Nostalgia

Casi Joy Celebrates Christmas With “Winter Wonderland” and a Big Bowl of Nostalgia

Casi Joy loves this time of the year, “I am a Christmas fanatic” – and in 2021 this alumni of The Voice is putting her own spin on the holiday classic “Winter Wonderland.”

Casi shares why she picked the song she did to record this holiday season, “‘Winter Wonderland’ has always been one of my favorites!”

She also admits that she didn’t give her team much time when it came to making the track, “I’m very impulsive, and decided just a few weeks ago to record it! This is not the first time I’ve given my poor producer, Zach Hord, absolutely no time to track and mix a full song, but he nails it every time!”

Even in that short time period, Casi made sure that this recording of “Winter Wonderland” had a unique sound, “I wanted to put my own classic twist on ‘Winter Wonderland” with ‘yodely’ flairs and traditional instrumentation, and I’m so happy with how it turned out! Christmas time has always been like a big bowl of nostalgia for me, so it felt right to go back to my traditional roots for this song!”

When it comes to the holidays and that “big bowl of nostalgia” – turns out, that was handed down to Casi, “My family really does it up on Christmas, and the traditions are endless! My favorite one would have to be the game we play to guess which presents are ours! My mom comes up with themed code names for each of us (like football teams, Disney princesses, Star Wars characters) and we have to stand by the pile/code name we think is ours! Whoever guesses their code name correctly wins $20! The problem is, pretty much every year, my mom loses the list with the code names or forgets who’s present she wrapped, so one of the guys always ends up opening decorative towels or something!”

Make your Christmas season a little merrier with Casi Joy’s take on “Winter Wonderland.”

Photo Credit: Bryan Lankford

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