Chris Young & Kane Brown’s “Famous Friends” – Billboard’s Most Played Country Song in 2021

Chris Young & Kane Brown’s “Famous Friends” – Billboard’s Most Played Country Song in 2021

Congrats to Chris Young and Kane Brown as their hit “Famous Friends” was named Billboard’s Most Played Country Song in 2021.

After hearing the news, Chris Young shared, “It’s pretty incredible when you get to write/record/produce a song that not only makes people want to sing along with you at concerts, but also becomes the most played ‘Billboard’ country song of the entire year.”

He adds, “I couldn’t be any happier that ‘Famous Friends’ will go into the record books for this, and that I get to celebrate it alongside my buddy Kane Brown.”

Before they were “Famous Friends” Chris was Kane’s musical idol, and he used to make YouTube videos of himself singing Young’s music.

So, in many ways, Kane still can’t believe that he’s friends with Chris, “Yeah that was one of the things before anybody even knew who I was, I just kept covering his songs and I wanted him to notice me so bad. The first time I met him, I met his mom as well, and I remember her telling me, ‘we knew about you before anybody else.’ Somebody hit him up whenever I put ‘Gettin’ You Home’ on YouTube. She listened to it and then showed Chris. Now just getting to write with him whenever, it’s just surreal.”

Chris returns the compliment by talking about working with Kane on their duet, “Kane’s awesome. You know, I got lucky that even before he had his deal at Sony, he and I were writing together, and I was getting a chance to know him. It’s been amazing…you know, I had him out on my tour right when he just really blew up and getting love from all directions for everything he does. I couldn’t be more proud to call him a friend, and I love that the reaction is just through the roof with this one.”

When it comes to the track, Chris shares the story behind the track, “Kind of give it that new spin on a small town, or just your hometown song, and the people that you grew up with. That whole idea kind of morphed into this song. I sent it to Kane, just over text message, and he said he wanted to be part of it. And, it really has just taken a life all its own.”

“Famous Friends” topped the Billboard country music airplay chart in mid-July…and now it’s named Billboard’s most played song of the year.

Photo Credit: Jeff Johnson

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