Country Artists Share Their Favorite Christmas Memories

Country Artists Share Their Favorite Christmas Memories

Your favorite country artists make the holidays brighter as they share their Christmas memories!

Luke Combs

Photo Credit: Zack Massey

“Favor childhood Christmas memory, my parents got me my own television when I was probably like 13 maybe…12 and they put it in the basement and they got me like an old couch from Goodwill. And, me and my buddies would go down there and they hooked it up to cable so me and my buddies could watch TV down there and play N64 and do all that stuff. So, that one was pretty neat. I appreciated, you know, the sentiment of my parents giving me my own space and stuff like that was a really awesome thing. And, I think eventually the TV ended up in my bedroom so… couple years that lasted and then I wanted to have it in the bedroom.

Keith Urban

Photo Courtesy of Keith Urban

“I have great memories of getting up early and going and jumping on your parents’ bed and getting them up. You know, and then of course you tear open the presents and then it’s done and it’s like eight in the morning, and you’ve got all morning now to sort of wish you had more presents to open. We had great Christmases growing up. I really, really enjoyed them. Mostly, we’d go to the beach, you know, ’cause there it’s summertime. Load up the station wagon and head off to the beach.”

Carly Pearce

Photo Credit Allister Ann

“We always went to my Grandma and Grandpa Pearce’s house that I always talk about in my music. And we always would go, there were a few houses in my area in Kentucky that they decorated like nothing I’ve ever seen.  There was even a Santa and Mrs. Claus that would sit outside and hand out hot chocolate and things to the kids, and we always did that.”

Chris Tomlin

Photo Courtesy Chris Tomlin

“To me, Christmas is all about family, celebrating all of life’s blessings from God, and remembering the true reason for the season. Being able to see the joy of Christmas all over again through my daughters’ eyes is one of the most special things about this time of year.”

Drew Green

Photo Credit: Matthew Berinato

“My first year out of college my parents surprised me with a Chevrolet Silverado. It was a graduation/Christmas gift and my brother got one too! I was previously driving an older Toyota Avalon so this dirt boy was smiling that Christmas morning.”

Chris Young

Photo Credit: Jeff Johnson

I actually got my first guitar as a Christmas gift.  So, that’s one that’s always going to stand out in my mind as a gift that, you know, I picked up and was like so excited to have. And, then realized it was going to take me a really long time to learn to play it.  But, it’s obviously brought me a lot of joy over the years being able to sit down and kick up and instrument and just, uh, sing and play. So, that was pretty special.

Callie Twisselman

“One of my favorite Christmas memories was going to my Grandma’s house on Christmas Day for dinner and celebrating with the whole family. I have a huge 7 generation family and all my Aunts, Uncles and cousins would get together, have dinner and open gifts.”

Thomas Rhett

Photo Courtesy of Thomas Rhett

“I think growin’ up, Lauren’s house that she grew up in was always the house that kids went over to.  Thanksgiving they always had people over and they always had the biggest ugly sweater Christmas parties in the world.  So, even since we got married, we have continued to have this party, and it grows and grows and grows and grows. We just love having people in our house.  I mean there’s literally so many people in our house on a daily basis, whether it’s our friends or our family, our house seems to be the central location where people want to hang out, and we always seem to hang out in the kitchen for some reason.  So, I would say our house is kind of the central location for a hangout.”

Nate Smith

Photo Credit: Robby Klein

“One of my favorite memories on Christmas was when my Grandpa tricked me into thinking he was Santa! He ate the cookies, rang jingle bells outside and stomped around the house. It was magical!”

Walker County

Photo Courtesy of Walker County

“One of our favorite Christmas memories is when we used to make a float and participate in the New Castle, Indiana Christmas Parade! As young girls back home, we would deck out a tractor trailer in a ton of Christmas decorations and ride in the Christmas parade singing our favorite Christmas songs! While we sang, our family members would ride along tossing out candy and Walker County band cards! It was always freezing, but it never stopped us from having the best time spreading holiday cheer!”

Kameron Marlowe

Photo Courtesy of Kameron Marlowe

“My favorite memory around the holidays is making food for the homeless on Christmas Day. My family and I have done that for years and it’s something we look forward to every holiday season.”

Johnny Dailey

Photo Courtesy of Johnny Dailey

“My favorite Christmas memory is 2019 Christmas with my wife and kids in Nashville. It was our first Christmas in a new city. We decorated the tree and my wife and I watched Christmas vacation which has since become a tradition. Can’t forget the eggnog and bourbon!”

Maddie & Tae

Photo Courtesy of Maddie & Tae

MADDIE: “Favorite Christmas movie? I know Tae’s.”
TAE: “What?”
MADDIE: “Polar Express!”
TAE: “I do love me some Polar Express. Every time the kids do the duet, my heart breaks.”
MADDIE: “I would say my favorite Christmas movie – I love Polar Express. I love Arthur Christmas.”
TAE: “Arthur Christmas is great. People sleep on that one.”
MADDIE: “And The Holiday! Ahhhhhh.”
TAE: “I’ve never seen that one.”
MADDIE: “Jude Law-It’s a rom-com, but it’s so heartwarming.”
TAE: “Christmas movie night.”

Jordana Bryant

Photo Courtesy of Jordana Bryant

“One of my favorite Christmas memories is putting on old Christmas songs to listen to while my family and I decorate the tree. Every year for as long as I can remember, we’ve listened to our Christmas playlist on this old speaker we have that always takes forever to turn on, which is connected to an iPod that’s so old it doesn’t even have a touch screen! Listening to those songs and decorating with my family has become one of my favorite traditions.”

Amy Jack

“A favorite Christmas memory is from a previous job when I found out one of our clients would be sponsoring an upcoming Toys for Tots drive. So many people came out and donated toys. This was one of the most honorable and lovely days ever to see, everyone very happy and showing what Christmas is all about.”

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