Michael Ray is Proud of the Journey to Success for “Whiskey And Rain”

Michael Ray is Proud of the Journey to Success for “Whiskey And Rain”

Michael Ray‘s song “Whiskey And Rain” from his Higher Education EP is sitting at number-two on the Billboard country airplay chart.

Michael shares the story behind the track, and explains why the success of “Whiskey And Rain” has meant something special to him, “Man, this song has been incredible. To see the journey of this song, you know we cut this ‘Whiskey And Rain’ during COVID, I cut the vocals in a closet of my tour manager’s house and all the all the musicians were in different home studios, so to see this song go from recorded that way, to released during COVID when we weren’t playing shows – weren’t getting out, to see it climb all the way up to the top of the charts and to see the fans embrace it…to see country radio embrace it, you know it’s been incredible man.”

Michael adds “It’s been one of my favorite songs that I’ve been able to be a part of and I’m just very glad that the fans fell in love with it and have taken it to where it is.”

Michael has now also released a special acoustic version of the song – check it out here…

Michael says, “This song is everything I love about country music… traditional Country music, like Tim McGraw and Earl Thomas Conley, and I want to bring that back. This is the music I originally came to Nashville to make, and I’m grateful to have this opportunity for y’all to get to know me better as an artist.”

Photo Credit: Sean Hagwell

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