Jordan Davis Starts on The Tonight Show & Ends at a Wedding

Jordan Davis Starts on The Tonight Show & Ends at a Wedding

Did you catch Jordan Davis‘ recent appearance on The Tonight Show Staring Jimmy Fallon?

Jordan shares what it was like for him to get the invite to appear on the late night talk show, “You know, that’s one of those calls that you want, I mean that’s a major, you know what Fallon has done for so many musicians, the spotlight that he’s able to shine on songs and up and coming talent. So, just to really be honest with you, to have my name in that running is pretty crazy, much less to get the call to come and do it. I’m grateful for the opportunity,”

Watch Jordan perform his Top-5 hit “Buy Dirt”.

Of course appearing on The Tonight Show would be enough of an evening for some artists…but not Jordan Davis.

While in New York he caught wind that some newlyweds, Claudia and JD, were using his current single as their wedding song, so Jordan kicked into action to make their special day even more special.

Watch it unfold here…

A day that everyone will soon not forget.

Jordan Davis and Luke Bryan are knocking on the door to number-one with their Top-5 hit “Buy Dirt.”

Photo Courtesy of Jordan Davis

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