Tim McGraw Wraps the First Season of 1883 and He’s Grateful for All of It

Tim McGraw Wraps the First Season of 1883 and He’s Grateful for All of It

Sunday night was the season finale for 1833.

The series star, Tim McGraw shared, “What a season. So grateful to Taylor Sheridan and everyone involved in bringing 1883 to life. It’s been absolutely incredible getting to work alongside Faith Hill, Sam Elliot, Isabel May, LaMonica Garrett, Audie Rick, Eric Nelson, James Landry Hebert, and the entire cast and crew.”

Tim recalls how the road to 1883 started with a call from Yellowstone creator Taylor Sheridan to do a flashback scene on the hit Kevin Costner “I’d been a fan of Yellowstone since the first night it came out. So, Taylor called, and he goes, ‘Hey man, I want you to be in Yellowstone, and you’re gonna play the original Dutton who founded the Yellowstone ranch. And he said, ‘You’re also gonna have a wife. Do you think Faith would be interested in playing your wife?’.”

Even the show’s creator asking for his wife to co-star, Tim admits it still took him a couple of days to bring it up to Faith Hill, “And it took me about three days to get the nerve up to ask her. She said, ‘Sure, I’ll be glad to do it. It’ll be fun.’ So, we did two flashback episodes, but the first thing we shot, it was just so much fun. We’re going so fast and the shootout was so great. I remember gettin’ off the horse and walkin’ around going, ‘I don’t care if I do any other film for the rest of my life, I wanna do westerns from now on.’”

Tim’s request was answer when his phone ran not long after the filming concluded, “Taylor called me and said, ‘I showed the flashbacks to the studio and they want to do a whole series now.’ So, when he sent the script for 1883 and we read it, Faith and I both were like, ‘This is just too special.  It’s just too special not to do.”

Now that the first season of 1883 is done – Tim learned a lot more about acting the TV and movie making process…especially from his co-star and veteran actor Sam Elliot…although Tim jokingly shares, it might not have going both ways…

If you missed any of the episodes of 1883, you can catch up with the adventures of Duttons on Paramount Plus.

Fans in Texas at Rodeo Houston will be catching up with Tim this Wednesday March 2nd as he will be the headline performer at NRG Stadium – and they’ll be looking to hear this one…”7500 OBO” – Tim McGraw’s current single at country radio.

Photo Courtesy of Tim McGraw, 1883 and Paramount Plus.

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