Carly Pearce Connects with Fans That Never Wanted To Be That Girl

Carly Pearce Connects with Fans That Never Wanted To Be That Girl

ACM Female Vocalist Of The Year winner Carly Pearce has been very open about the inspiration behind the music on her album, 29: Written In Stone.

With being open and vulnerable with her experience – Carly has discovered that fans are connecting to her songs like “Next Girl” in a very personal way.

Carly had another example of that connection on a recent stop in Albany, New York on her The 29 tour.

Carly shares the story, “I’m out on the 29 tour right now, and I was in Albany New York playing my show…and I see all kinds of things in the crowd when I’m playing these theaters – which is so fun, can also be distracting, and speaking of distracting I kept seeing this little cardboard sign being flung around by this girl in the audience when I was singing ‘Never Wanted To Be That Girl’ and I kept trying to read it, couldn’t read it. So, finally at a break in the set I asked her to tell me from her seat what that sign said and y’all she was sitting next to another sweet girl and the sign said ‘we both dated the same guy at the same time for 2 years and your music saved us.’ The crowd went crazy and it was just such a crazy moment for me to realize that how I have written this album for myself…so many of you have found your stories in these songs and that means everything to me and I’ll say it again if that guy’s listening I’m gonna find you and I’m not going to be nice.”

After the show Carly made sure to meet the women – Tara and Ashley.

Carly is back to connecting with fans on The 29 Tour this weekend with stops in Oklahoma and Texas.

Carly Pearce of course will be singing her ACM Music Event Of The Year winning song “Never Wanted To Be That Girl” which she recorded with Ashley McBryde.

Headline Photo Credit: Allister Ann
Additional Photo Credit: Alexa Campbell

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