A Dispute with a Neighbor Leaves a 78 year-old Widow in Dandridge Taking out an Order of Protection for Signs with Profanity Directed at her Property

Photo courtesy of WVLT

Having a good neighbor can be a huge benefit, but having a neighbor that you disagree with can prove to be a scary situation. That’s the reality for a 78-year-old widow in Dandridge.

Over the last several months the woman, who didn’t want to be identified to protect herself, said she’s had several signs riddled with profanity pointed in her direction, and she doesn’t know why.

“I just want to live my life in peace,” said the woman.

Signs that have language so vulgar that it has to be blurred before going on air have caught the attention of not only this woman but neighbors all around Dandridge.

“This ruins Tennessee not only this area but all of Tennessee,” said Clifton Stanley a neighbor who stops by to check on the elderly woman every time he’s in the area.

As for how this all started, the woman doesn’t know the answer. However, when you look across the fence, you’ll see a sign that tells at least one version of the story.

One sign read, ”Started with telling my kids they can’t put up a tent in their own yard.”

Sheriff Jeff Coffey called the signs disappointing and doesn’t agree with them being up. Even though he feels that way, he said there’s nothing he can do legally unless a direct threat is made.

“We don’t agree with it. There’s different ways of letting your feelings known and putting signs with that language on there on your own property is something we don’t agree with, but it is protected under the first amendment,” said Coffey.

The Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office has been to the homes several times but no arrests have been made according to Sheriff Coffey.

Sheriff Coffey said the woman has filed an order of protection into General Sessions Court that was served to the neighbors who put the signs up last week. While no legal action can be taken to remove the signs as it stands now, Sheriff Coffey is hopeful things can be resolved before Jefferson County Schools starts classes next week so children won’t have to see the signs.

Story courtesy of WVLT


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