Knox County Commission Set to Hear a Re-Zoning for a Shooting Range Request that Many South Knoxville Residents Oppose

Photo courtesy of WVLT

The Knoxville County Planning Commission held its monthly meeting this week, where they discussed several issues among land use. One issue being the potential firearms range a Knoxville-based company wants to build in the New Hopewell community of South Knox county.

There were many items on the agenda to discuss regarding land and re-zoning. The planning commission wanted to postpone the use-on-review proposal until next month.

Pelennor Fields LLC. is associated with Jordan Mollenhour, the founder and owner of the Knoxville-based ammunition sales company Lucky Gunner. He made the application and plans on using the gun range for business use only, not open to the public. The property will be used for his creation of weapons, ammunition and for his clients.

Jeff Welch, who is the Director of Knoxville/Knox County Planning, said that this is a tricky situation considering the county does not have any control over firearm ranges.

“Firing ranges, we have some regulations at the county [level], but the state has other laws that oversee what we can do. We have very limited things we can place on a firing ranges,” said Welch.

The area where the range is potentially going to be is surrounded by several houses and residential communities. The people who live in that area are already voicing their concerns to the planning commission. Welch said this is something they are heavily considering, because the main issue that comes with the range is the noise and proximity to homes.

“Residents around the area, I’m not sure how close to that but within proximity of it, are concerned. As I understand he’s shooting into a closed area and not shooting above anything or above the skyline. So, I think the noise is the biggest issue and pushback for a firing range,” said Welch.

The planning commission’s next meeting will be Feb. 7 at 11:30 a.m. It is open to the public at the City County Building.

Story courtesy of WVLT


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